About us

"We build strong and trusted relationships."

Raising standards

E&J is responsible for many of the managing agents who administer the property services associated with each lease. They will manage each leasehold site on a day-to-day basis and would normally be the first point of contact for a leaseholder.

Whenever possible, we aim to engage managing agents who comply with the RICS / ARMA-Q and ARHM guidelines. Although not a legal requirement, we believe this level of compliance helps to ensure the highest standards and customer service levels.

We meet periodically with our managing agents to review their service delivery and standards to leaseholders and to discuss any issues or recent complaints. We know that it's possible for things to go wrong and if they do, we want to make sure our leaseholder's issues are resolved quickly and fairly.

All management of our leaseholds is undertaken by E&J Estates – www.eandjestates.co.uk